My life has been one earned through hard work and perseverance through difficult times. After losing my father to suicide when I was 10 years old, my life changed forever. I found myself presented with two options: work hard, or be left behind. I quickly decided to roll up my sleeves and soon started delivering newspapers, working as a pop boy at the local bingo halls, and even found time to volunteer at the local YMCA.

As an adult, I continued my public servant role for 28 years as a firefighter in the Borough of Sewickley. My strong commitment to serving others resulted in my election as the youngest Fire Chief in the 143 year history of Cochran Hose Company, where I retained that position for 15 years. During my time as Chief, my team trained and certified more firefighters than ever in the history of the department.

While others are busy running out of burning buildings, I can be found running into them. I’ve never been afraid to take on challenging situations, and the Pennsylvania Senate is no different.

I’m driven by my commitment to serve others, and after watching our current State Senator fall short on her promise to deliver meaningful change, I’ve decided to step up to serve the 37th Senatorial District of Pennsylvania.

Now, it’s time to send the adults to Harrisburg, and I’m ready to serve.




Jeff believes that education is the path to a bright future for our children. He believes that Harrisburg should empower parents to find a school that best fits the needs of their children, and that school choice will ensure that all children can thrive in the future.


Jeff wants to finally bring healthcare into the 21st century. He believes in encouraging more competition between insurance companies, providing affordable options for consumers, and requiring transparency in the cost of healthcare.


Jeff knows that the natural gas industry is imperative to the growth of businesses and jobs in Pennsylvania. In order to keep growing our local economies, we need to avoid penalizing industries with additional taxes and burdensome regulations.


Pennsylvania has the largest full-time—and most expensive—legislature in the country. By reducing the size of the legislature and by maximizing the value of our tax dollars, Jeff believes that we could lower taxes and let people keep more of their hard-earned money. Our current State Senator has shown no interest in controlling Harrisburg’s appetite to spend more tax dollars. While other candidates promise to control spending and cut taxes, Jeff Neff has a proven record of cutting spending and cutting taxes as a Borough Council President.



As a firefighter of 28 years, Jeff knows how to be a team player. His 15 years as Chief & Incident Commander—which resulted in the training and certifying of record numbers of firefighters— also shows that he knows how to lead when called upon.


Family has always been Jeff’s top priority and he is grateful to have the never ending support of his wife, Faith, and their two sons, Gino and Jake. Jeff believes that children are a gift from God and that the life of a child should be treasured.


Jeff has years of experience in local government, having served on the Sewickley Borough Council since 2015, and has been President of the Council since 2018.


Jeff is the head coach of the youth football team, and the assistant coach of the youth wrestling team at Quaker Valley, where both his sons attend school. As a youth mentor, Jeff knows that kids are our future, and is committed to ensuring opportunities for those future generations.


As an avid outdoorsman, Jeff enjoys hunting and fishing in the fields, streams, and woods of Pennsylvania. Jeff is committed to protecting the right to bear arms and to ensuring that firearm regulations stay in line with the Constitution.


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